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Earth Sciences, or geology, from the ancient Greek meaning “The Study of the Earth”, is the study of our dynamic planet, from its interior to its surface, and from the events that occurred since its formation 4568 million years ago, to the processes that take place in the modern Earth.

News Stories

Mining Magazine publishes article with Dr. James Mungall

Mining Magazine has published an article with Dr. James Mungall from Carleton University's Earth Sciences department, having collaborated on. The article is entitled: Precious metals may lie beneath Moon's Surface

CBC News Article: Ancient Life resurfacing

Al Donaldson, a retired professor from Carleton University's Earth Sciences department, was interviewed by CBC News on the resurfacing of stromatolites along the Ottawa River.

Jim Mungall publishes article in Nature Geoscience

Earth Sciences Professor, Dr. Jim Mungall, has published an article in Nature Geoscience entitled: "Abundance of highly siderophile elements in lunar basalts controlled by iron sulfide melt".

In Search of the Anthropocene-Nature News Feature

The Patterson lab is part of a group carrying out research to have Crawford Lake, near Milton Ontario, designated as the Global Boundary Stratographic Section and Point "golden Spike", type section of the newly proposed Anthropocene. It has been determined that the boundary will be based on the "Atomic Age", when humans first detonated nuclear weapons. The resultant radiation has left a clear signature in sedimentary records all around the world.

CBC Article-Patterson Lab developing new technology

CBC has published a news article that describes the significance of new Natural Resources Canada Clean Technology funding received by Tim Patterson's lab to both industry and indigenous groups. They are developing an integrated freeze core-ITRAX technology to obtain extremely high resolution records of climate/environmental change in lakes to help industry become compliant with the Northwest Territories Mine Site Reclamation Policy and to help indigenous groups better understand ecosystem health on their traditional lands.

Filling in the Fossil Record

The Department of Earth Sciences PhD student, Arjan Mann, has identified two new species in his research into carboniferous period creatures. The two species date from about 310 million years ago, when the ancestors of modern reptiles, birds and mammals were moving permanently onto land

Making Mining More Sustainable-Tim Patterson receives funding

The Department of Earth Sciences Dr. Tim Patterson has received funding from the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Clean Growth Program to develop rapid, cost-effective protocols and technology for the mining sector to determine environmental baseline conditions.

Dr. Hillary Maddin interviewed with CBC Radio

Dr. Hillary Maddin in the Earth Science department at Carleton University was interviewed July 11, 2019 by CBC Radio in Ottawa. Her team as received a 300-million year old tree stump, and they are hoping to find evidence of the first recognizable forms of animal life

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