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Earth Sciences, or geology, from the ancient Greek meaning “The Study of the Earth”, is the study of our dynamic planet, from its interior to its surface, and from the events that occurred since its formation 4568 million years ago, to the processes that take place in the modern Earth.

News Stories

Dr. Hillary Maddin interviewed with CBC Radio

Dr. Hillary Maddin in the Earth Science department at Carleton University was interviewed July 11, 2019 by CBC Radio in Ottawa. Her team as received a 300-million year old tree stump, and they are hoping to find evidence of the first recognizable forms of animal life

30 Years of the Web in Earth Sciences at Carleton University

In 1996, Tim Patterson began giving students the option of contributing to an online museum instead of writing a term paper. At the time the idea was considered innovative enough to merit an articles in the New York Times.

Hanika Rizo Investigates the Evolution of the Earth's Core

Dr. Hanika Rizo, from the Department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University, is the lead author on research that indicates material from the Earth's core had been leaking into the mantle shell since 2.5 billion years ago.

New GeoSoc Mural

Our Graduating 4th year students completed their GeoSoc mural in the tunnels of Carleton this past Winter 2019 term.

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