Brief History of the Department of Earth Sciences

1942: Carleton College founded - Geology course offerings

1953: Department of Geology initially founded

1982: Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre joint institute founded

1987: Department name changed to Earth Sciences

2015: Renovation and Expansion

Earth Sciences Department Staff and Faculty

Carleton professors and students have contributed to the discovery of new mineral resources and have identified new minerals, including one discovered in 1969 at Mount St. Hilaire, Québec, now known as carletonite.

Since then, it has been recognized by its core values such was research excellence and innovation, experiential learning in both in the field and in the laboratory, and has a strong educational outreach program. Carleton’s Department of Earth Sciences has a reputation as one of the foremost centres for geological study in Canada.

We have re-established our Department as one of the most competitive in Canada in terms of training HQP and research, with programs that:

  • Provide requirements for professional accreditation (Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario - APGO)
  • Have interdisciplinary breadth and scientific depth (e.g. Sprott School of Business and Department of Economics; Geography & Northern Studies; Environmental Science; Engineering; combined programs with other science units)
  • reflect the high significance of Earth Sciences in society, economy and environment

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