Earth Sciences Sports Camp

The Carleton University Earth Sciences and Sport Camp is a fun and friendly day camp for children who want to exercise both their bodies and minds. If your child is fascinated by fossils, minerals, rocks and the processes that form the natural world around them, this camp offers a unique opportunity to learn in a unique university setting.

What happens each day?

  • Half of the day will be devoted to Earth Science investigation in the Carleton University Department of Earth Sciences laboratories, rock room and outdoor spaces, including a field trip to Hog’s Back Falls to look at rocks in their natural habitat. We explore a variety of Earth Science topics over the course of each week, including physical properties of minerals, formation of rocks, natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides, exploring fossils and how they form and investigating a dinosaur footprint trackway.
  • One hour is set aside for a daily lunch (provided through the cafeteria)
  • Half of the day is spent playing games and trying new sports in the Carleton Athletic Centre (this includes a daily swim), enjoying the facilities of the Raven Field, Raven’s Nest and Norm Fenn Gyms, Fieldhouse and Olympic-sized swimming pool. Children are encouraged to try new activities, and each week, activities are tailored to the abilities of the children. Most importantly, we emphasize being active and having fun!

Age Range

  • Ages 8 to 12.  The camp will be split into 2-3 year age ranges.
  • What's included: The registration fee includes a daily cafeteria lunch and daily recreational swim.


If you'd like to apply for our Earth Science Summer camp positions, please review the position descriptions and application process below:

Summer 2020 Camp positions and Application process

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