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The Neptune* in the Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology Research Center (IGGRC) is up and running!

*Recently, the IGGRC added a Thermo-Finnigan NEPTUNE© multicollector inductively coupled-plasma-mass spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS) to their laboratory facilities. The MC-ICP-MS uses an argon-based plasma to ionize elemental species allowing the instrument to analyze a wide range of isotopes (6Li to 238U), including those elements TIMS cannot ionize (e.g., Hf). The recently acquired NEPTUNE© therefore dramatically expands the capabilities of the IGGRC.


Recent Publications - 2024

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D Peters, H Rizo, J O'Neil, C Hamelin, SB Shirey (2024). Comparative 142Nd and 182W study of MORBs and the 4.5 Gyr eveolution of the upper mantle. Geochemical Perspectives Letters 29, 51-56.

Elliott K. Skierszkan, Valerie A. Schoepfer, Matthew D. Fellwock, John W. Dockrey, Ardalan Hayatifar, Viorica F. Bondici, Joyce M. McBeth, and Matthew B. J. Lindsay. Arsenic Mobilization from Thawing Permafrost.ACS Earth and Space Chemistry Article ASAP doi: 10.1021/acsearthspacechem.3c00355

Li* ZMG, Gaidies F, Chen Y-C, Zhao Y-L, Wu C-M. Petrogenesis of sector-zoned garnet in graphitic metapelite from the Danba dome, eastern Tibetan Plateau (SW China). Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 179, 56.

Marjanovic D, Maddin HC, Olori J, Laurin M. 2024. The new problem of Chinlestegophis and the origin of caecilians (Amphibia, Gymnophionamorpha) is highly sensitive to old problems of sampling and character selection. Fossil Record 27: 55–94.

O’Neil J, Rizo H, Reimink J, Garçon M, Carlson RW (2024) Earth’s earliest crust. Elements 20: 168-173, doi: 10.2138/gselements.20.3.168

Trystan M. Warnock-Juteau*, Michael J. Ryan, R. Timothy Patterson, Jordan C. Mallon (2024). Computed tomographic investigation of a hatchling skull reveals ontogenetic changes in the dentition and occlusal surface morphology of Hadrosauridae (Dinosauria: Ornithischia).  DOI 10.18435/vamp29395

Yogi* MTAG, Gaidies F, Heldwein* OKA, Rice AHN (2024). Mechanisms and durations of metamorphic garnet crystallization in the lower nappes of the Caledonian Kalak Nappe Complex, Arctic Norway. Journal of Metamorphic Geology doi:10.1111/jmg.12766

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