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The Neptune* in the Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology Research Center (IGGRC) is up and running!

*Recently, the IGGRC added a Thermo-Finnigan NEPTUNE© multicollector inductively coupled-plasma-mass spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS) to their laboratory facilities. The MC-ICP-MS uses an argon-based plasma to ionize elemental species allowing the instrument to analyze a wide range of isotopes (6Li to 238U), including those elements TIMS cannot ionize (e.g., Hf). The recently acquired NEPTUNE© therefore dramatically expands the capabilities of the IGGRC.


Recent Publications

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Arnaout B*, Lantigua K**, Mackenzie E*, McKinnell I, Maddin HC. 2021. Development of the chicken skull:  a complement to the external staging table of Hamburger and Hamilton (HH). Anatomical Record (Early View Online).

Bacha, R., Mungall, J. E., Toledo, C., Silva, A. 2021. Alkali element mobility as a vector for gold mineralization: An example from Central BrazilGeochemistry.


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