Current Students

The Department of Earth Sciences endeavors to assist our Undergraduate students in successfully completing their degree programs on time (see Undergraduate calendar for dates and deadlines). We offer assistance in varying ways including:

  • Access to course outlines
  • Earth Sciences course listings
  • Program flow charts to show the progression of your degree
  • Registration help and guidance through both the Department and the Registrar’s office
  • Audit review sessions in the Fall to make sure your on track with your courses
  • 4th year audit review sessions to discuss potential job positions/opportunities after graduation
  • Career Services seminars within the Department to assist with creating your cover letter, resumes and CV’s
  • Yearly APGO seminars to assist in organizing your accreditation during school and upon graduating
  • And of course you can book an appointment or stop by the main office (2115 Herzberg Bldg) at any point during the year to review your audit or address any questions/concerns you have

When deciding on an Earth Science program, it’s important for students to think ahead about the kind of accreditation they would like to have, or believe they might require upon graduation. The PGO (Professional Geoscientists of Ontario) allows students to join while still in school under “Student Member” status. This will give you opportunities for upcoming news and information as well as possible summer employment. The Department highly recommends becoming a Student member of the PGO while you work on completing your degree.

The PGO has certain requirements for courses, when it comes to being accredited once a student has graduated. The Department has strived to organize some of its programs around those requirements, but it is always suggested that students make an appointment in the main office (2115 Herzberg Bldg) to review those requirements.

For more information on the PGO, please click here: PGO


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