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Our interactive teacher’s workshops offer educators the opportunity to learn about Earth Science in a hands-on, collaborative atmosphere that fosters deeper understanding of processes and concepts. By providing activity ideas and approaches that can be taken back into the classroom, as well as teaching materials, participants build their confidence and create supportive networks of colleagues.

Each year we build a program which can be a two day workshop combining classroom activities and field trips, a one day field trip to local geologically significant sites that can provide a base for their own class trips, or a week long field experience which allows for more focussed insight into processes and concepts along with ideas for introducing more inquiry into science teaching.

More details about programs:

DESW Two day workshop format begins with a light dinner and talk on Friday evening, followed by a day of in-class sessions on Saturday with topics such as Rock or Mineral investigations, Natural Hazards, Earth Resources including mineral and water resources, and concludes with a full day field trip on Sunday. This format is intended to provide educators with focussed time to learn and think about classroom delivery of the offered topics, and then an opportunity to see how field excursions enhance that understanding at places they could take their own students. Participants leave with an Earth Science Teaching Resource Kit containing mineral, rock and fossil specimens, maps, posters, and a USB containing digital resources ready for use in the classroom worth approximately $150. The two day workshop fee is typically $50 and includes Friday dinner and two lunches.

DESW Field Trip is a full day field trip to local geologically interesting sites chosen for both their educational and exploration value as well as their accessibility and safety. Some field trips have been to local Aggregate operations so that we can investigate the stone, sand and gravel pits and quarries in the local area, and learn about how they provide a glimpse into the geological history of the region, and see how vital they are to our everyday lives. Field trip fee includes lunch.

DESW Inquiry-based Field Experience for Teachers is a new initiative, begun this past summer that is a week long field excursion, based out of one central location with daily visits to spots that help to illustrate geological concepts and processes. We look at modern environments to see how materials are being moved and shaped in the present, and look at ancient rocks to try to understand what has happened in the past. We use inquiry methods of investigation, building a team of learners that works together to solve geological puzzles. Our first attempt at this program was a great success (based on the reviews of our inaugural participants) and we will be looking to run this program in 2020. Participants received a learning resource kit with geological tools and sample collecting kits as well as maps, field guides and other resources as needed to a value of approximately $200. Thanks to generous grants and committed funding, Field Excursion fees are between $300 and $500 and include accommodation, transportation once at the accommodation site, and most meals.

We are still developing our program for Spring of 2019. Please check back in the new year for more details.

For more information please contact:

Beth McLarty Halfkenny
Outreach Coordinator
Beth [dot] McLartyHalfkennyatcarleton [dot] ca
Tel: (613) 520-2600 ext. 8520

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