Dr. Elliott Skierszkan

2279 Herzberg Laboratories

About Dr. Elliott Skierszkan

My research goal is to improve our understanding of contaminants in water to guide better water use and management. I combine techniques in aqueous and isotope geochemistry, mineralogy, and hydrogeology to understand the processes driving the release of potentially hazardous metals and metalloids into water resources.

Current research themes include:

  1. Impacts of climate change and thawing permafrost on northern water resources;
  2. Hydrogeology and geochemistry of mine wastes; and
  3. Hydrogeochemical drivers of geogenic contaminants in groundwater.

My projects typically involve a field-based component and collaborations with partners from academia, government, private industry, and First Nations. These collaborations and land-based activities ensure that knowledge produced through research contributes to improved societal outcomes. Where needed, I conduct laboratory experiments to constrain the fate of contaminants in aqueous systems.

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