Registration for Fall 2023-Winter 2024 Academic Year

To review all the courses offered at the University for the 2023-2024 Academic year, please visit the public schedule on the Registrar's office page.

All Earth Science lectures and labs will be offered in-person unless otherwise specified. There will be no online accommodations granted for those courses offered in-person. The courses that are offered online will be taught as a combination synchronous/asynchronous course and students must therefore maintain a conflict free schedule in order to register in any Earth Science course.

How to Build your Timetable and Registration Steps

2023 Earth Science Program Flow charts

If you are unable to register for one of our courses, please submit an Override Request

Students must have a conflict free schedule in order to register in any Earth Sciences course, as per the University policy
2.1.3 Registration

To view the Earth Science programs, courses and regulations, please visit the Undergraduate Calendar

For questions regarding registration into an Earth Science course, please contact:
Emailearth [dot] sciencesatcarleton [dot] ca
Main office at: 613-520-5633
Office hours are: 8am-4pm Monday through Friday (closed 12-1pm during the lunch hour)

Fall 2023 Earth Sciences Courses  

  • ERTH 1006: Exploring Planet Earth

  • ERTH 1010: Our Dynamic Planet Earth

  • ERTH 2004: Maps, Satellites & Geo Rev (this course is only available to Earth Sciences students-this course is cross listed as GEOM 1004)

  • ERTH 2102: Mineralogy to Petrology

  • ERTH 2105: Geodynamics

  • ERTH 2314: Sedimentation and Stratigraphy

  • ERTH 2401: Dinosaurs

  • ERTH 2415: Natural Disasters

  • ERTH 3003: Geochemistry & Geochronology

  • ERTH 3113: Geology of Human Origins

  • ERTH 3203: Sedimentology (Field course-only available to Earth Science student and Environmental Science w/concentration in Earth Science)

  • ERTH 3206: Sedimentary Depositional Sys

  • ERTH 3207: Metamorphic Petrology and Processes

  • ERTH 3405: Geophysical Methods

  • ERTH 4003: Directed Studies

  • ERTH 4007: Evolutionary Developmental Paleobiology 

  • ERTH 4107 Geotechnical Mechanics

  • ERTH 4801: Physics of the Earth

  • ERTH 4815: Natural Hazards in Canada

  • ERTH 4908: Honours Thesis

  • ERTH 4909: Research in Earth Sciences

  • ERTH 4910: Honours Thesis Resource Evaluation

Winter 2024 Earth Science Courses

  • ERTH 1009: The Earth System through Time 
  • ERTH 1011: Evolution of the Earth 
  • ERTH 2012: Planet Hollywood
  • ERTH 2104: Igneous Systems, Geochemistry and Processes
  • ERTH 2312: Paleontology
  • ERTH 2404: Engineering Geoscience (this course is only open to students in Bachelor of Engineering program)
  • ERTH 2406: Geology and Map Interpretation
  • ERTH 2415: Natural Disasters
  • ERTH 2419: On the Origin of Planets
  • ERTH 2802: Field Geology I (this course is only open to Earth Science students who require it in their degree-this course has been moved to registration in the early Spring 2024. Registration for Spring/Summer will open in March 2024)
  • ERTH 3112: Vertebrate Evolution-Fish and Amphibians
  • ERTH 3204: Mineral Deposits
  • ERTH 3205: Physical Hydrogeology
  • ERTH 3806: Structural Geology
  • ERTH 4003: Directed Studies in Geology
  • ERTH 4004: Special Topics in ERTH
  • ERTH 4006: Geobiology (Field Course)
  • ERTH 4206: Contaminant and Remediation Hydrogeology 
  • ERTH 4209: Mineral Exploration Field Geology (this course is only open to Earth Science students)
  • ERTH 4303: Resources of the Earth
  • ERTH 4305: Carbonate Sedimentology 
  • ERTH 4707: Engineering Seismology
  • ERTH 4803: Radiogenic Isotope Geology 
  • ERTH 4804: Exploration Geophysics
  • ERTH 4807: Field Geology II (this course is only open to Earth Science students)
  • ERTH 4908: Honours Thesis
  • ERTH 4909: Research in Earth Sciences
  • ERTH 4910: Honours Thesis Resource Evaluation 

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