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PhD student Fateme Hormozzade interviewed by CBC National News and Radio

PhD student, Fateme Hormozzade, while working in the field with a team of scientists from the Geological Survey of Canada, was interviewed by CBC National news and radio. The team were in the field trying to get audio-magnetotelluric data for geothermal exploration purposes at Mount Cayley. This was also broadcast on the CBC live radio podcast.

Dr. Richard Ernst's Venus research in the Economist

At the recently concluded Geological Society of America meeting in Denver Dr. Richard Ernst, Scientist in Residence, in the Dept of Earth Sciences at Carleton, together with NASA scientists Dr. Michael Way and Jeffrey Scargle, presented evidence that in deep geologic time both Venus and Earth were water worlds with relatively stable and temperate climates. 

New IGGRC Publication from Rizo's lab!!

Congratulations to former graduate student Benjamin Wasilewski who, along with co-advisors Jonathan O'Neil (U of Ottawa) and Hanika Rizo (Carleton University), has just published a new research article in the journal of Earth & Planetary Science Letters about the evolution of Earth's Archean crust.

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