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Dr. Lyle Nelson publishes new dates for Cambrian Explosion

Dr. Lyle Nelson in the Department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University has published an article in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) with new dates for the Cambrian Explosion:

Geochronology of the Cambrian Period

A successful session for Dr. Hafida El Bilali and Dr. Richard Ernst at the annual Goldschmidt Conference

Dr. Hafida El Bilali and Dr. Richard Ernst organized and convened a session at the Goldschmidt Conference in Lyon, France (July9-14). The session received 43 abstracts (record breaker after Hawaii 2022 where 45 abstracts also organized and chaired by Dr Hafida El Bilali and Dr Richard Ernst ) with two oral sessions (a full day  of talks) and a poster session. It was a great success!!

Postdoc student Claudia Augustin Publishes new paper on Gondwana Research

Postdoc student, Claudia Augustin, in the Department of Earth Sciences has published a new paper on Gondwana Research, this is a result of her Cotutelle PhD. The research dated baddeleyite in SIMS and also made some Thermodynamic modeling to constrain petrogenesis of the Mangabal Complex, a mafic intrusion in central Brazil.

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