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Post Doctoral Fellow Nawaf Nasser published in Ecological Indicators

The study presents results of a survey of 90 lakes in subarctic Canada variously contaminated by arsenic (As) as a result of legacy gold-mining, and statistically demonstrate the sensitivity and tolerance limits of Arcellinida, an important group of shelled protozoa, to various As concentrations.

Earth & Space Science News Article featuring the Tim Patterson Lab

Indigenous community partners are an important part of research in the Northwest Territories. The Patterson Lab uses many environmental proxies when examining core records to help understand how climate variability impacts regional lake ecosystems.

Fossils Aid Probe into Origins of Animals

Carleton University's Department of Earth Sciences, Hillary Maddin, is looking for evidence of that first proto-reptile in the fossilized tree stumps slowly eroding out of the cliffs that line Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy coast.

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