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Earth Sciences project receives New Frontiers in Research funding

Dr. Hanika Rizo, was awarded a New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) grant. Her project, together with a multidisciplinary team are exploring the origins of life through a study on ancient microorganisms' use of tungsten. They're looking at extremophiles in deep ocean vents, similar to early Earth environments.

Dr. Richard Ernst on Geology Bites

Carleton Scientist in Residence and Adjunct Professor Dr. Richard Ernst studies massive volcanic events called Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs). He explores their structure, distribution, and origin as well as their connection with natural resources.

Carlos Braga publishes a paper in Planetary and Space Science

Carlos Braga, a MSc student of Dr. Richard Ernst and Dr. Hafida El Bilali, successfully defended his thesis in January and has just published in the journal Planetary and Space Science. This paper is entitled: Geological history of the Atira Mons large shield volcano, Beta Regio, Venus.

Dr. Gaidies' Lab - New Paper Alert!

Zhen Li, a visiting PhD student from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dr. Gaidies’ lab first-authors new paper in Lithos. Using an example from the Danba dome in SW China, Zhen’s research addresses the ability of different metamorphic rocks to record their formation conditions, and the sensitivity of their lithological interfaces to diffusional modification.

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