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Thanks to generous donors, including Carleton alumni & students; colleagues, family and friends of Charlie Roots; present and former members of the Department of Earth Sciences; Carleton University; and an estate donation, we have raised over $570,000 and established the Charlie Roots Honours Project Fund in Earth Sciences.

Every year, in perpetuity, the annual interest from the Charlie Roots Fund will help fourth-year honours students gain advanced research experience by subsidising the direct costs of their research. For example, in the current 2023-24 academic year, over $20,000 will be awarded as grants in support of the field and laboratory costs of ERTH 4908 Honours students. Honours thesis topics span the breadth of Earth Sciences sub-disciplines including the study of fossils and implications for evolution or paleogeography; resource geology; crystal growth, metamorphism and mountain building; igneous rocks as geochemical tracers of Earth’s history; early Earth and planetary geology; basin analysis; sea level changes; natural vs. human contamination; hydrogeology; and many other earth sciences and environmental topics.

Now we are trying to grow the fund by $10,000 to accommodate increasing enrollment in our B.Sc.H. honours programs including an influx of students in our new B.Sc.H. program in Earth Sciences with a concentration in Environmental Sciences. On Giving Tuesday (November 28), gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

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