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Dr. Gaidies' Lab - New Paper Alert!

Zhen Li, a visiting PhD student from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dr. Gaidies’ lab first-authors new paper in Lithos. Using an example from the Danba dome in SW China, Zhen’s research addresses the ability of different metamorphic rocks to record their formation conditions, and the sensitivity of their lithological interfaces to diffusional modification.

Lithos Dr Gaidies Lab New paper.
Diagram illustrating petrological observations and the operating mechanism of the studied sample. Grt 1, Grt 3, Grt 6, and Grt 8 show clear growth zoning, Grt 4 displays weak zoning, and others have a uniform core composition. All garnet crystals have a retrograde rim, and dashed arrows indicate weak Fe2+-Mg exchange, while solid arrows represent strong Fe2+-Mg exchange.

Details can be found here:

Li, Z.M.G, Chen, Y.-C., Gaidies, F., Zhao, Y.-L., Wu, C.-M. (2023). Identical metamorphic record in distinct petrochemical systems: case study of microscopically interlayered garnet amphibolite and metapelite from the Danba dome, SW China. Lithos.

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