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Carlos Braga publishes a paper in Planetary and Space Science

Carlos Braga, a MSc student of Dr. Richard Ernst and Dr. Hafida El Bilali, successfully defended his thesis in January and has just published in the journal Planetary and Space Science. This paper is entitled: Geological history of the Atira Mons large shield volcano, Beta Regio, Venus.

His paper is open source and free to share and download. To view the pdf version please click Planetary and Space Science

Atira Mons is a huge Hawaiian-style shield volcano that extends over an area of 300,000 km², equivalent to nearly a third of the size of Ontario, and with individual flows up to 700 km long. His mapping was 10 times more detailed than previous regional mapping on Venus and is the most detailed ever attempted for a large Venusian volcano. His success in providing a detailed flow history of this volcano (53 volcanic units grouped into 6 stages) was the first to demonstrate that such a sophisticated flow history can be developed for large Venusian volcanoes using the currently best available data, from the Magellan mission: radar images at 75 m/pixel and radar altimetry at 50-100 m vertical and +/-10 horizontal resolution. 

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