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Venus Day a success!!!!

Venus Day was held Friday March 10th, 2023 in the Earth Sciences Department. This event, organized by Drs. Hafida El Bilali and Richard Ernst, celebrated their growing research program at Carleton University, based in Earth Sciences but includes students from other Departments, on detailed geological mapping and interpretation of our sister planet, Venus. The day featured keynote presentations by Professor James Head (Brown University) and Dr. Michael Way (NASA) and presentations by Drs. El Bilali and Ernst, 8 Carleton students and 15 other members of the International Venus Research Group. The research group consists of members from Cadi Ayyad University in Morocco, Banaras Hindu University in India, and Mount Royal University in Calgary.

For the program from the day please see: Venus Day 

Dr. El Bilali and Dr. Ernst would like to thank their Chair, Tim Patterson, for his encouragement, Kristy and Michelle for their help and the Carleton University Venus team members for additional activities (green screen, 3D-viewing of Venus, Venus cookies, balloons, etc), that helped make the day so special.

If you are interested in joining the Carleton University Team and having your own region of Venus to map and research, please contact:
Dr. Hafida El Bilali at: hafidaelbilaliatcunet [dot] carleton [dot] ca
Dr. Richard Ernst at:   Ricard [dot] Ernstatcarleton [dot] ca 

Photos celebrating the Day:
(Photo credit Drs. El Bilali and Ernst)

Welcome to Venus Day!

Drs. Hafida El Bilali, lead organizer of Venus Day, and Richard Ernst (co-leader) in front of their Venus Day poster

Mahanoor Riaz presenting on dyke swarm history of Bell Regio

Anoushka Singhal presenting on the Lo Shen region, identifying sources of channelized lava flows

Aya Tessier presenting on geological history of Heng-o corona

Robin Stark using 3-D imaging to determine lava flow path of a portion of Neago fluctus

Carlos Braga presenting his detailed mapping of the lava flows of Atira Mons volcano

Raiden Dean and Ike Fardy (testing the green screen setup) with Venus surface image in background

Dr. Hafida El Bilali in front of Venera lander image of Venusian surface

Dr. Hafida El Bilali in front of Maat Mons, tallest volcano on Venus, and one of the main foci of her research

Dr. Richard Ernst and radar image of Venus from Magellan mission

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