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Undergraduate student, Gavin Woodburn, to present at AAAS conference 2023 in Washington

Undergraduate student, Gavin Woodburn, will be conducting two presentations at the 2023 AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on March 4th.  His first talk is entitled "Nanoki'ksila: Indigenous Youth and Perspectives" and the second talk is entitled "Loxiwe Lok'wali, from our past to inform our future: Indigenous Science studies".


His first talk will focus on Indigenous science in education and will include information about his Indigenous science learning bundle here at Carleton University.  He will also be presenting this first talk at the GAC-MAC conference in Sudbury May 24-27th, 2023.

His second talk focuses on his research with clam gardens and how an Indigenous science study can be done and weaved with western science. 



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