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Masters student, Thomas Mcloughlin-Coleman and PhD student,Ying Zhou Li to present at PDAC

Masters student, Thomas Mcloughlin-Coleman, will be presenting at this year's PDAC conference in Toronto March 5-8th, 2023. The conference will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC).

Thomas' work focuses on the sources of Gold for a deposit 60km north east of Sudbury. This deposit, similar to ones that started the Yukon gold rush, is over 2 billion years old-which actually predates the oxygenation of the atmosphere.

Photo credit: Thomas Mcloughlin-Coleman

Exert from the PDAC Program Booklet:



PhD student, Ying Zhou Li will also be presenting at PDAC this year, below is an exert from the PDAC program booklet:


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