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Distinguished Research Professor Giorgio Ranalli publishes article on continental breakup

Distinguished Research Professor Giorgio Ranalli and Professor Antonio Schettino from the University of Camerino, Italy, have published a paper in Evolving Earth titled: Ultra-slow transverse waves during continental breakup

In the paper they present a model of the continental extension- sea floor spreading transition using, for the first time, a lithosphere rheology including long-term anelasticity, combined with a non-linear viscous asthenospheric mantle. The results of the numerical model show that continental breakup does not necessaritly require the presence of pre-existing weak zones, and that ultra-slow transverse waves (wavelengths ~ thousands kms, period ~tens kyrs) are formed during the extension. These waves induce oscillating topography that could be responsible for eustatic cycles in both axial rift and off-rift lacustrine systems.

To view the full article, please click Evolving Earth


Diagram credit: G. Ranalli and A. Schettino

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