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PhD students Dana Korneisel and Misha Whittingham receive Student Research Grants from the GSA

PhD students Dana Korneisel and Misha Whittingham, in the Maddin lab at Carleton University, have both received the "GSA Graduate Student Research Grant" from the Geological Society of America (GSA).  

Dana was able to use her grant to further her research, "Development and evolution of the atlas-axis complex in tetrapods",  by traveling to Denmark to CT early tetrapod fossils.

Dana Korneisel

Misha was able to use his grant to further his research, "Assessing the paleoecology of Permo-Carboniferous tetrapods using morphological data and floral associations", by traveling to Nova Scotia to do field work on the Carboniferous paleobotany.
While in Nova Scotia, Misha was interview by CBC radio on July 4th, 2022: Searching for Evidence of the first Plant Easters


Misha Whittingham

Congratulations to you both!! 

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