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Freya George receives Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement-Graduate

Freya George, a PhD student with Dr. Fred Gaidies, receives a Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement at the Convocation Ceremony on June 11, 2019. This medal is awarded for outstanding graduate work at the doctoral level.


Scholar Bio: Freya George recently gained her PhD from the Department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University on the metamorphic and petrologic evolution of the Indian Himalaya, under the supervision of Dr. Fred Gaidies. Both this work and her Masters degree from the University of Oxford combine classic geological approaches with inorganic chemistry and material sciences in order to elucidate fundamental rock-forming processes that occur deep within the Earth. During her Fulbright year, she will investigate the geological record of volatile (water, carbon dioxide, etc.) cycling in subduction zones by applying high-resolution and novel analytical approaches to rocks from exposed global subduction zone settings. Freya’s collaborators both at Johns Hopkins University and Pennsylvania State University have made groundbreaking strides in this area, and she is excited to expand her geological repertoire by working alongside them. While not in the lab, Freya plans to explore the National Parks of the eastern US, score a few goals on the soccer field, and learn about US cultural history

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