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Earth's Core has been leaking for billions of years-Dr. Hanika Rizo is interviewed by The Conversation

The Conversation is a popular Science news journal written by Researchers.  Dr. Hanika Rizo in the Earth Science Department at Carleton University has had an article published in their most recent edition.

"Earth's magnetic field protects and makes our planet habitable by stopping harmful high-energy particles from space, including from the Sun. The source of this magnetic field is the core at the centre of our planet.

But the core is very difficult to study, partly because it starts at a depth of about 2,900 kilometres, making it too deep to sample and directly investigate.

Yet we are part of a research team that found a way to get information about Earth's core, with details published recently in Geochemical Perspective Letters. "

To read the full article, please visit: The Conversation


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