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CBC Article-Patterson Lab developing new technology

CBC has published a news article that describes the significance of new Natural Resources Canada Clean Technology funding received by Tim Patterson's lab to both industry and indigenous groups. They are developing an integrated freeze core-ITRAX technology to obtain extremely high resolution records of climate/environmental change in lakes to help industry become compliant with the Northwest Territories Mine Site Reclamation Policy and to help indigenous groups better understand ecosystem health on their traditional lands.

This research could not take place without the active participation of the TerraX Minerals (Alan Sexton), Northwest Territories Geological Survey (Hendrik Falck), North Slave M├ętis Alliance (Shin Shiga), Geological Survey of Canada (Dr. Jennifer Galloway) and Professor Eduard Reinhardt lab at McMaster University. Hendrik Falck, Jennifer Galloway and Eduard Reinhardt are all Carleton University Earth Science Alumni, with both Jennifer and Eduard obtaining their PhD's under the supervision of Tim Patterson.

To view the CBC News article, please click Here

Researchers Dr. Andrew Macumber, left, and PhD candidate Braden Gregory measure and photograph a freeze core from Walsh Lake, N.W.T. (Tim Patterson/Flickr) from CBC article

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