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Giorgio Ranalli's Distinguished Research Professorship extended to 2023

Giorgio Ranalli (Assistant Professor 1970, Full Professor 1982, Chancellor's Professor 2003, Distinguished Research Professor since 2006) has been reappointed as DRP for a further five-year term (2018-2023).

Professor Ranalli is the longest-serving Faculty member in the history of the Department of Earth Sciences. He continues to teach his course (Physics of the Earth) to senior undergraduate and graduate students from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. His research (geodynamics, rheology of the lithosphere and mantle, quantitative tectonics) involves cooperation with former students and co-workers from both Canada (Geological Survey of Canada, University of Ottawa, École Polytechnique de Montréal) and overseas (Universities of Roma Tre, Perugia, GéoAzur Nice, and Lisbon, among others). He has published 34 papers during his DRP tenure and a further 5 are in review/in press at present.

G. Ranalli
Office: 2140 HP
Tel: (613) 520-2600 Ext. 4397
Email: giorgio [dot] ranalliatcarleton [dot] ca

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