XRD Facility

The XRD facility is housed in Rm 238 of the Steacie Building. We currently have a Philips 1710 x-ray powder diffractometer, an old but excellent work horse, used for standard mineral-peak identification of mineral separates or bulk rock from powdered material. There is ample space for sample preparation, including capacity for glycolation and heating (to 550oC) that is required for clay mineral analysis. Other equipment (e.g., centrifuge) that might be required for powder sample preparation are available in another lab in the department. Raw (ASCII) digital data is exported to a Dell computer that allows data to be transferred by email. For analysis, the data is imported into the freeware program MacDiff for mineral peak identification, peak reduction and manipulation, etc., or can be used in other software supplied by the user.

Analysis is conducted by users, who must be registered (i.e.., have their own radiatino badges) with Health Canada. This requires planning! The facility cannot handle small (few sample) requests because of this requirement unless users are preregistered. Training costs are also involved for first-time users. For large volumes, the cost per run is $5. Data analysis, by the user, is free of charge.



For more information, please contact: 

Professor George Dix
2260 Herzberg Laboratories
Tel: (613) 520-2600 Ext. 4418
Email: george [dot] dixatcarleton [dot] ca

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