Dr. George Chao

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Carleton University (1960-1995)

By any account Professor Emeritus George Chao, who recently passed away on May 4, 2022 at the age of 91, had an outstanding 35 year career as a mineralogist in the Dept. of Earth Sciences.  Quintin Wright has just published an obituary for Dr. Chao in Rocks & Minerals that documents not only his significant contributions to science but his truly remarkable journey from Harbin, Manchuria on the eve of the Japanese invasion in 1931, through a convoluted path to marital bliss and subsequent against all odds stellar career in academia. This fascinating article may be read at this link:

Dr. Chao created a mineral collection comprising more than 5000 extraordinary specimens.

Dr George Chao
George Yien-Chi Chao in the Poudrette quarry on Mont Saint-Hilaire, 1990. Quintin Wight photo.


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