Jack Hogg

About Jack Hogg

The Department of Earth Sciences is sad to announce the passing of Jack Hogg, a technical staff member of the Department from 1965 to 1995, on February 14th, 2021.  Jack played a key role in the operation of the Department for those 30 years.  He was instrumental in running our field courses, with a lot of faculty and staff involved.  His stamina at being able to stay up to all hours by the camp-fire awed both faculty and students alike – although many found out later that napping was the key to his success.  

The family recounts that Jack had a great life, and regretted nothing, except perhaps that his travels were recently curtailed. He loved nothing more than to reminisce about the Earth Sciences years, from Calabogie, Cobalt, epic parties, and P&D conferences … to memorable trips to Spain and Czech Republic, among other countries. He was proud of his role in the department, cared for its people, and would do anything for a student. He enjoyed 25 years of retirement: most of it in Sidney watching his grandchildren grow, volunteering at the BC Air Museum (tinkering with rebuilds of cockpit control panels etc.) and taking special family trips to the Caribbean and California. He was a loving, funny, and generous father, husband, and grandfather.

If anyone is interested in making a donation, Jack would have been pleased to have any donations made to the Charlie Roots Honours Project Fund.  He was all about helping students move forward.

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