Hosein Fereydooni

Research Area

Hosein Fereydooni is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Geophysics with a primary focus on Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP) as a powerful technique for studying permafrost. With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Geophysics, his academic background in electromagnetic exploration forms a strong foundation for this groundbreaking research.

Permafrost, a vital component of the Earth's cryosphere, plays a critical role in global climate regulation and impacts various ecological systems. To shed light on this intricate phenomenon, Hosein conducted the first full SIP field survey in Yukon, Canada. The survey aimed to investigate permafrost and detect ice within the region, providing valuable insights into its subsurface properties.

Hosein Fereydooni
SIP field survey in Yukon, Canada


Furthermore, Hosein collaborates with the Geocryology lab to explore the complex relationship between ice content, water content, ice temperature, and dielectric relaxation frequency. This multifaceted analysis offers a comprehensive understanding of permafrost dynamics, crucial for modeling and predicting its behavior in response to environmental changes.

His work holds immense significance for the scientific community, contributing to the advancement of geophysical exploration techniques and enriching our understanding of permafrost. Hosein's research has broader implications for environmental studies, climate change, and sustainable resource management.

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