Dr. James Mungall

2205 Herzberg Laboratories
(613) 520-2600, Ext. 1394

About Dr. James Mungall


I am an igneous petrologist with interests in the physics and chemistry of magmatic processes, particularly those leading to the genesis of magmatic ore deposits.   We examine the origins and evolution of magmas and the sulfide or oxide minerals they deposit as ores, using a combination of field, experimental and theoretical approaches.  I have current research projects on the Stillwater Complex of Montana, the Bushveld Complex of South Africa, and the Sudbury Igneous Complex of Ontario.  Students with strong interests in the application of quantitative models based on physics and thermodynamics of magmatic systems - grounded in field observations, mineralogy, and lithogeochemistry - are encouraged to apply for graduate-level research projects.  We can train you if you have the desire to learn.


Selected Publications

Abundance of highly siderophile elements in lunar basalts controlled by iron sulfide melt: Brenan, James M.; Mungall, James E.; Bennet, Neil R.; NATURE GEOSCIENCE   Published: AUGUST 2019

Immiscible shoshonitic and Fe-P-oxide melts preserved in unconsolidated tephra at El Laco volcano, Chile: Mungall, J. E.; Long, K.; Brenan, J. M.; et al.; GEOLOGY Volume: 46   Issue: 3   Pages: 255-258   Published: MAR 2018

Role of degassing of the Noril'sk nickel deposits in the Permian-Triassic mass extinction event: Le Vaillant, Margaux; Barnes, Stephen J.; Mungall, James E.; et al.; PNAS Volume: 114   Issue: 10   Pages: 2485-2490   Published: MAR 7 2017

U-Pb geochronology documents out-of-sequence emplacement of ultramafic layers in the Bushveld Igneous Complex of South Africa: Mungall, James E.; Kamo, Sandra L.; McQuade, Stewart; NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 7 Article Number: 13385 Published: NOV 14 2016

Crystallization of platinum-group minerals from silicate melts: Evidence from Cr-spinel-hosted inclusions in volcanic rocks: Kamenetsky, Vadim S.; Park, Jung-Woo; Mungall, James E.; et al.; GEOLOGY   Volume: 43   Issue: 10   Pages: 903-906   Published: OCT 2015

Transport of metals and sulphur in magmas by flotation of sulphide melt on vapour bubbles: Mungall, J. E.; Brenan, J. M.; Godel, B.; et al.; NATURE GEOSCIENCE Volume: 8   Issue: 3   Pages: 216-219   Published: MAR 2015

Partitioning of platinum-group elements and Au between sulfide liquid and basalt and the origins of mantle-crust fractionation of the chalcophile elements: Mungall, James E.; Brenan, James M.; GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA Volume: 125   Pages: 265-289   Published: JAN 15 2014

Ore deposits of the platinum-group elements: Mungall, James E.; Naldrett, Anthony J.; ELEMENTS   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Pages: 253-258   Published: AUG 2008

Evidence from meimechites and other low-degree mantle melts for redox controls on mantle-crust fractionation of platinum-group elements: Mungall, James E.; Hanley, Jacob J.; Arndt, Nicholas T.; et al.; PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA   Volume: 103   Issue: 34   Pages: 12695-12700   Published: AUG 22 2006

Geochemical evidence from the Sudbury structure for crustal redistribution by large bolide impacts: Mungall, JE; Ames, DE; Hanley, JJ; NATURE Volume: 429   Issue: 6991   Pages: 546-548   Published: JUN 3 2004

Roasting the mantle: Slab melting and the genesis of major Au and Au-rich Cu deposits: Mungall, JE; GEOLOGY Volume: 30 Issue: 10 Pages: 915-918 Published: OCT 2002

Interfacial tension in miscible 2-fluid systems with linear viscoelastic rheology: Mungall, JE; PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   Volume: 73   Issue: 2   Pages: 288-291   Published: JUL 11 1994


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