Dr. James Mungall

2205 Herzberg Laboratories
(613) 520-2600, Ext. 1394

About Dr. James Mungall


I am an igneous petrologist with interests in the physics and chemistry of magmatic processes, particularly those leading to the genesis of magmatic ore deposits.   We examine the origins and evolution of magmas and the sulfide or oxide minerals they deposit as ores, using a combination of field, experimental and theoretical approaches.  I have current research projects on the Stillwater Complex of Montana, the Bushveld Complex of South Africa, and the Sudbury Igneous Complex of Ontario.  Students with strong interests in the application of quantitative models based on physics and thermodynamics of magmatic systems - grounded in field observations, mineralogy, and lithogeochemistry - are encouraged to apply for graduate-level research projects.  We can train you if you have the desire to learn.

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