Leonid Nichman

National Research Council Canada

About Leonid Nichman

Dr. Leonid Nichman is a Senior Research Officer in the Flight Research Laboratory (FRL) of the Aerospace Research Center within the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Leonid is the leader of the Airborne Facilities for Atmospheric Research team. This is a team of experts in atmospheric research, remote sensing, physics, engineering, and programming, which has access to the NRC fleet to collect data in flight, predominantly with the Convair-580, T-33, and the Twin Otter aircraft). Leonid works with international collaborators and leads interdisciplinary projects related to natural and anthropogenic emissions, aerosol-cloud interactions, cloud processes, aircraft icing, severe weather, Arctic weather, airborne instrument development and others. 

Leonid research of Earth’s atmosphere includes a collaboration between the departments of Earth Sciences and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of Carleton University. 

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