Ingrid Kjarsgaard

Private Consultant

About Ingrid Kjarsgaard

My research interest is in the chemical composition of minerals as it reflects their environment and conditions of formation. This spans the range from indicator minerals for kimberlite/diamond and metallic ore deposits and other resistate minerals to alteration minerals found in hydrothermal and magmatic ore deposits, as well as the ore minerals themselves. I am particularly interested in Platinum Group minerals and the minerals of carbonatites. During my carrier I have worked on Cenozoic volcanics in subduction zones (Aeolian Islands, Italy), Jurassic floodbasalts in Antarctica, mantle xenoliths, carbonatites and their associated alkaline silicate rocks, magmatic, sedimentary and hydrothermal ore deposits of many different kinds (Ni-Cu-PGE, VMS, SEDEX, IOCG, orogenic gold, SSC, BIF, porphyry, skarn, epithermal veins etc.), REE-Zr-pegmatites, impact rocks, kimberlite and diamond indicator minerals.

The analytical techniques I use to study minerals and their composition comprise trans-mitted, polarized and reflected light microscopy, scanning electron and microprobe analysis, and Laser-Ablation-ICP-mass-spectrometry.

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