Returning Students Orientation Day

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
1:30 pm
Virtual Orientation on Zoom

welcome back

Welcome back all of our returning Earth Science students and a BIG welcome to new students just beginning in the Department!!

We are extending an invitation to all our returning students to join us on Academic Orientation Day 2020. While returning students will not all take part in the same activities as the first year students, we felt it was important to make sure everyone was getting the same information to continue on, in their academic journey.

We also wanted to check in with everyone during these trying times to hopefully alleviate some stressors about what the upcoming year will look like, and to remind everyone, we're still here to help when you need us.

This virtual event will be hosted in a Zoom meeting, which students will have received an invitation for, through their cmail account. 

Tuesday September 8th
Starting at 1:30 pm
Invitation link: please see your cmail account for the invitation

On behalf of the Department of Earth Sciences, welcome back and best of luck on your upcoming year of studies!!

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