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New Research! Exactly How Much Life Is on Earth?

Professor Peter Crockford led an eye-opening study revealing earth has more living cells than stars in the universe! His research allows us to explore alternative life paths on our planet. Imagine a world without photosynthesis! 

New Late Cretaceous Horned-Dinosaur Discovered In Southern Alberta

New Discovery!  Adjunct Research Professor Michael J. Ryan, together with former student Logan Micucci and Prof. Hanika Rizo have described the new small horned-dinosaur, Gremlin slobodorum, from the upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Oldman Formation of southern Alberta (~78 million years ago).

Thais Condez, PostDoc in the Maddin Lab, co-authors article in Nature journal

Thais has been working with a team of more than a hundred specialists in a comprehensive re-evaluation of the conservation status of amphibians worldwide. After assessing the extinction risk for all 8,011 known amphibian species, we have found that amphibians are still in trouble, being the most threatened group of vertebrates in the world.

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