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Please support the Charlie Roots honours project fund in Earth Sciences - The university will match gifts

Every year we have a cohort of 4th year undergraduate Honours students carrying out exciting research projects on topics such as: Arctic research; fossils and implications for evolution or paleogeography; resource geology; crystal growth, metamorphism and mountain building; igneous rocks as geochemical tracers of Earth’s history; early Earth and planetary geology; basin analysis; climate or sea level changes; natural vs. human contamination; hydrogeology; and many other earth sciences and environmental topics. Our target is to establish a large endowment so that the annual interest generated will help support the direct costs of field and/or laboratory work for student projects, year after year, in perpetuity. In naming this endowment, we wish to honour Dr. Charles Frederick Roots (1956-2016), a remarkable alumnus (MSc/82 PhD/88) who was an avid geologist, mentor, outdoorsman and all around scientist.

Triple your donation in our 2019 Fund Raising Campaign. Thanks to the generosity of our donors the foundation has grown to over $300,000. Our goal is to raise at least another $50,000 in 2019 (which will be tripled).


For more information or to donate, please contact:

Senior Development Officer
Mistalyn Seguin
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Email: mistalyn [dot] seguinatcarleton [dot] ca

Sharon Carr
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