Earth Sciences 70th Anniversary- Events in 2023

Grand Canyon Colorado River Rafting

For Alumni and Friends of the Department of Earth Sciences

April 30 – May 8, 2023


Grand Canyon Raft Trip
Grand Canyon Raft Trip


Trip Leader: Prof. Tim Patterson

Questions: Please contact tim [dot] pattersonatcarleton [dot] ca (Tim Patterson)

The Department of Earth Sciences often visits the Grand Canyon during student field trips to the region, where we hike down through the geological succession to the Colorado River and back out again. This is a spectacular but often grueling experience. This coming academic year to not only celebrate our ability to put on field camps again as the pandemic begins to recede, but to also celebrate the 70th anniversary of the department we are putting on a bucket list trip of a lifetime visit to the Grand Canyon. During this trip, which is limited to 29 persons, participants will descend in style through 2 billion years of the geological succession by quiet motorized rafts from mile 0 at Lees Ferry to mile 188 (303 km) at Whitmore Wash.

More information can be found here.

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