Name Degree Supervisor Research Area
chrisbrown4 [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Brown, Chris) M.Sc.  Samson  
timchadwick [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Chadwick, Tim) M.Sc.  Carr Structural analysis of the Ptarmigan Fiord area, Baffin Island, Nunavut
andrewtcraig [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Craig, Andrew ) M.Sc. Amos  
phillipdagenais [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Dagenais, Phillip ) M.Sc. Amos Gas and Reactive Transport Models of Waste Rock Piles at Detour Gold Mine. 
gregoryfroude [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Froude, Greg ) M.Sc. Schröder-Adams  
sharareghafoori [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Ghafoori, Sharare) M.Sc. Motazedian Analyses of earthquakes in the Western Quebec Seismic Zone using data from the United States Transportable Array 
wildergreenman [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Greenman, Wilder) M.Sc.  Rainbird/Dix  Stratigraphy, chemostratigraphy & paleoenvironmental analysis of a ~1 Ga carbonate shelf succession from the Brock Inlier, Northwest Territories, Canada
andrew [dot] hay [at] carleton [dot] ca (Hay, Andrew) M.Sc.  Samson Instrumentation and Application of Planetary Micro-Rovers For Geophysical Surveying
scotthutchinson [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Hutchinson, Scott) M.Sc. Patterson  
hekang [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Kang, He)  M.Sc.  Dix Geology of Ordovician outliers, upper Ottawa-Bonnechere Graben
alexlaudadio [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Laudadio, Alexandra) M.Sc. Samson 3D Geological Modelling of the Dalby-Eagle Black Thor Instrusive Complexes, McFaults Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario, Canada 
dustyliikane [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Liikane, Dustin) M.Sc.  Ernst   
saramcpeak [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (McPeak, Sara) M.Sc.  Samson 3D Laser Imaging of Geological Scenes 
etiennemenard [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Menard, Etienne ) M.Sc. Patterson  
yannickmorneau [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Morneau, Yannick) M.Sc. Gaidies Tectono-Metamorphic Analysis of the Snowcap Assemblage in west-central Yukon 
peteroliver [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Oliver, Peter) M.Sc. Samson/Kenny  
ryanpaterson [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Paterson, Ryan) M.Sc. Maddin The evolutionary transition of Pinnipeds to an aquatic environment
neilprowse [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Prowse, Neil) M.Sc. Cummings/Dix  
stephanieroussel [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Roussel, Stephanie) M.Sc. Amos  
michaelthompson3 [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Thompson, Michael ) M.Sc. Schröder-Adams/
Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Campanian Foremost Formation of southern Alberta
baliewalker [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Walker, Balie ) M.Sc. Gaidies Timing and condition of formation of plagioclase-garnet integrowth microstructures in granulites from Dunkelsteiner Ward (Austria) 
parisaasgharzadeh [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Asgharzadeh, Parisa) Ph.D. Motazedian  
jadeatkins [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Atkins, Jade) Ph.D.  Maddin The evolution and development of the Skull-neck boundary in amphibians and early tetrapods
erinbethell [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Bethell, Erin ) Ph.D. Samson/Ernst 
sarahdavey [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Davey, Sarah) Ph.D.  Ernst/Cousens Evaluating dyke swarms in Karelia-Kola and Supervisor towards testing the Superia Supercration Reconstruction
aminesmaeilzadeh [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Esmaeilzadeh, Amin ) Ph.D.  Motazedian   
freyageorge [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (George, Freya)  Ph.D.  Gaidies  Rates and mechanisms of metamorphic garnet crystallization in the Sikkim Himalaya, NE India 
bradengregory [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Gregory, Braden ) Ph.D.  Patterson   
kyleharris [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Harris, Kyle) Ph.D.  Samson/White   
nicokastek [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Kastek, Nico ) Ph.D.  Ernst/Cousens  
kimklausen [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Klausen, Kim) Ph.D. Cousens Geology of the 2.5 Ma Underdown Cordera and geochemistry of the Intracaldera underdown tuff and extracaldera tuff of Clipper Cap, Nevada
arjanmann [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Mann, Arjan) Ph.D.  Maddin Analysis of transference of taphonomy on interpretations of early tetrapod evolution; application to early tetrapod assemblage, Mazon Creek, Chicago, Illinois  
bradleymcfeeters [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (McFeeters, Brad) Ph.D. Maddin  
rheamitchell [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Mitchell, Rhea) Ph.D. Carr Metamorphic History of the Thelon Tectonic Zone
samuelmorton [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Morton, Sam) Ph.D. Amos Hydrogeochemical investigation of a Muskeg River Wetland near on Athabaska Oil Sands tailing pond
nawafnasser [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Nasser, Nawaf) Ph.D. Patterson High Spatio-temporal Assessment of the Utility of Arcellinina (Testate Lobose Amoebae) as Bio-indicators for Legacy Mine Contamination in the Canadian Subarctic: Implications for Environmental Monitoring.
nkechiegboka [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Oruche, Nkechi) Ph.D. Dix  
chrisrogers [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Rogers, Chris) Ph.D. Ernst/Cousens  
matttrenkler [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Trenkler, Matt) Ph.D. Cousens Shield through rejuvenated volcanism and the origin of trachyte at West Maui, HI
loughlintuck [at] cmail [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Tuck, Loughlin) Ph.D. Samson/Laliberte Unmanned aerial vehicles for geophysical surveys