Nova Scotia Field Trip

Field Trip to Nova Scotia
ERTH 3203
August 27th - September 5th, 2014

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Third-year students from our department joined students from Goethe University Frankfurt to discover Nova Scotia's magnificent geological sites. Professor Claudia Schröder-Adams introduced them to modern and ancient sedimentological environments and significant paleontological sites such as Joggins Fossil Cliffs and Blue Beach.

This course offers an introduction to field-based analysis of sedimentary processes as developed in modern settings and preserved in ancient geological environments. The Maritimes offer an excellent terrain for this objective. We spend our time along the shorelines of Nova Scotia, including the Atlantic and Fundy coasts, and explore one destination in New Brunswick at the Northumberland Strait. We observe numerous modern sedimentary environments, learn about facies models and apply that knowledge to the ancient systems exposed in sea cliffs juxtaposed to our modern settings. At the same time, we learn about the geological history of the Atlantic Provinces, which reveals the secrets of two oceans and some of the most amazing evolutionary steps and paleoecosystems.

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Field Trip to Nova ScotiaField Trip to Nova Scotia
Field Trip to Nova Scotia