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The Neptune* in the Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology Research Center (IGGRC) is up and running!

*Recently, the IGGRC added a Thermo-Finnigan NEPTUNE© multicollector inductively coupled-plasma-mass spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS) to their laboratory facilities. The MC-ICP-MS uses an argon-based plasma to ionize elemental species allowing the instrument to analyze a wide range of isotopes (6Li to 238U), including those elements TIMS cannot ionize (e.g., Hf). The recently acquired NEPTUNE© therefore dramatically expands the capabilities of the IGGRC.


New Publications

Davies, M.A., Schröder-Adams, C.J., Herrle, J.O., Hülse, P., Schneider, S., Quesnel, A., Harwood, D.M., 2018. Integrated biostratigraphy and carbon isotope stratigraphy for the Upper Cretaceous Kanguk Formation of the High Arctic Sverdrup Basin, Canada. Geological Society of America, Bulletin,

Dziawa, C., Gaidies, F., Percival, J., 2018. Conditions and Timing of LP-HT Metamorphism in the Montresor Belt, Rae Province, Nunavut. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.

George, F.R., Gaidies, F. & Boucher, B., 2018. Population-wide garnet growth zoning revealed by LA-ICP-MS mapping: implications for trace element equilibration and syn-kinematic deformation during crystallisationContributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 173: 74.

Hill A. M., Milne G. A., Kuchar J., and Ranalli G., 2018. Sensitivity of glacial isostatic adjustment to a partially molten layer at 410 km depth. Geophysical Journal International, in press (available on line 16 November 2018).

Jenkins, M. C., & Mungall, J. E., 2018. Genesis of the Peridotite Zone, Stillwater Complex, Montana, USA. Journal of Petrology. Accepted manuscript available online.

Mann, A., 2018. Cranial ornamentation of a large Brachydectes newberryi (Recumbirostra: Molgophidae) from Linton, Ohio, and effects of ontogeny on skull ornamentation in recumbirostrans. Vertebrate Anatomy Morphology Palaeontology 6:91–96

Marques F. O., Ranalli G., and Mandal N., 2018. Tectonic overpressure at shallow depth in the lithosphere: The effects of boundary conditions. Tectonophysics 746, 702-715.

Marques F. O., Mandal N., Ghosh S., Ranalli G., and Bose S., 2018. Channel flow, tectonic overpressure, and exhumation of high-pressure rocks in the Greater Himalayas. Solid Earth 9, 1061-1078.

Oruche, N. E., Dix, G. R., and Kamo, S., 2018. Lithostratigraphy of the Blackriveran-Rocklandian (Upper Ordovician) foreland succession, and a U-Pb ID-TIMS date for the Millbrig volcanic ash bed, in the Ottawa Embayment: relevance for extrabasinal correlation in eastern North America. Canadian journal of Earth Sciences, vol. 55, pp. 1079-1102.

Prince, J.K.G, Rainbird, R.H., and Wing, B.A., 2019. Evaporite deposition in the mid-Neoproterozoic as a driver for changes in seawater chemistry and the biogeochemical cycle of sulfur: Geology,

Rogers, C., Cousens, B., Ernst, R.E., and Soderlund, U., 2018. Phosphorous and Potassium Metasomatic Enrichment in the Mantle Source of the ca. 1450-1425 Ma Michael-Shabogamo Gabbro of Eastern Laurentia. Journal of Petrology (In Press) DOI: 10.1093/petrology/egy104

Rogers, C., Kamo, S.L., Söderlund, U., Hamilton, M.A., Ernst, R.E., Cousens, B., Harlan, S.S., Wade, C.E., Thorkelson, D.J., 2018. Geochemistry and U-Pb geochronology of 1590 and 1550 Ma mafic dyke swarms of western Laurentia: Mantle plume magmatism shared with Australia. Lithos 314-315, 216-235. DOI: 10.1016/j.lithos.2018.06.002

Schettino A., Ranalli G., Fierro E., Pierantoni P. P., Zanoni D., Turco E., and Rasul N., 2019. Rift-drift transition in the Red Sea: a rheological model of the early stage of seafloor spreading. Geophys. J. Int. 217, 1870-1893. doi:10.1093/gji/ggz123

Schröder-Adams, C.J., Herrle, J.O., Selby, D., Quesnel, A., Froude, G., 2019. Influence of the High Arctic Large Igneous Province on the Cenomanian/Turonian Boundary Interval, Sverdrup Basin, High Canadian Arctic. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 511, 76-88,

Tessin, A., Schröder-Adams, C.J., Elderbak, K., Sheldon, N.D., Hendy, I., 2018. Local versus seaway-wide trends in deoxygenation in the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway. Geological Society of America, Bulletin,

Yao, Z.S., Qin, K.Z., Mungall, J.E., 2018. Tectonic controls on Ni and Cu contents of primary mantle-derived magmas for the formation of magmatic sulphide deposits. American Mineralogist, 103, 1545-1567

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