Dr. Wasiu O. Raji

2249 Herzberg Laboratories

About Dr. Wasiu O. Raji

My research focus on the application of geophysics to environmental, energy, and engineering problems with a broad range of topics which include earthed engineering infrastructures such as dams, tunnels, and roads; hydrocarbon and mineral exploration; groundwater development, pollution control, and remediation; and machine learning applications in geoscience. With about 15 years of university teaching experience, I have taught a broad range of subjects in geology and geophysics at the graduate and undergraduate levels in Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada. I am currently associated with Carleton University, Ontario, Canada, and teaching Exploration Geophysics, Natural Disasters, Physics of the Earth, and Geoscience Data analysis.


Selected publications

Raji, W. O., Addamah, M. & Suleiman, M. Subsurface characterization in an ancient graveyard with potential applications to forensic investigations. Bull Eng Geol Environ 82, 38 (2023).

Raji, W. O. and Abdulkadir, K.A. (2022) Quantitative estimates of groundwater resource parameters in non-sedimentary aquifers of Northcentral Nigeria, Journal of African Earth Sciences. Elsevier,

Raji, W. O. and Bale, R.B (2022) 2D electrical resistivity imaging of tantalite-bearing veins in Kaiama, Nigeria. NRIAG Journal of Astrology and Geophysics, vol. 11(1), pg. 306-312

Raji, W. O. Bello, S. O. and Adeoye, T. O. (2021).  Evaluation of CO2 Storage Capacity of Saline Aquifers in OSCAR Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria, 91, 211-216.

Raji, W. O. and Aluko, K.O (2021). Investigating the cause of excessive seepage in a dam foundation using seismic and electrical surveys—a case study of Asa Dam, West Africa. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, 80, 6445–6455.

Raji, W. O. and Abdulkadir, K.O. (2020). Evaluation of groundwater potential of bedrock aquifers in Geological Sheet 223 Ilorin, Nigeria, using geo‑electric sounding. Applied Water Science, 10:220

Raji, W. O. and Abdulkadir, K.O. (2020) Geo-resistivity data set for groundwater aquifer exploration in the basement complex terrain of Nigeria, West Africa. Data-in-Brief, 31, 105975.

Raji, W. O. and Adedoyin A. D. (2020) Dam safety assessment using 2D electrical resistivity geophysical survey and geological mapping, Journal of king Saud University –Science, Vol. 32(1).

Raji, W. O. Abdulkadir, K. A. and Rahman, R. A. (2019) Evaluation of groundwater aquifer vulnerability in Ilorin Metropolis Using Electrical Resistivity Method of Geophysics. Water Utility Journal, 23, 27 -33.

Raji, W. O, Harris J. M. and Gao Y. (2019) Visco-acoustic data modeling using optimum layer technique: Greewood Oil Field, USA. Ife Journal of Science, 21(1) 145-154,

Raji, W. O. T. O. Adeoye, K. O. Ibrahim and Harris , J. M. (2019) Wavefield Separation For Shear Wave Reflections Enhancement. Nigerian Journal of Technological Development, 14(3), 66 -77. Published by Federal University of Technology, Minna.

RAJI, W. O., HARRIS, J. M. and LU, S., (2018): Seismic velocity tomography for CO2 monitor in subsurface geological structures. Journal of King Saud University-Science. Vol 30(1). 57-64  Published by Elsevier. Available online

Raji, W. O. Obadare, I. G, Odukoya , M.A. and Johnson, L. M. (2018): Electrical Resistivity Mapping of  Oil spills in a coastal environment of Lagos, Nigeria.. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 11(7), Published by Springer and Saudi Society for Geosciences, April 2018.

Adeoye, T. O., Raji, W. O. and Ibrahim O. K. (2018). Hydrocarbon Reserve Estimates and Risks Assessment in ‘X’ Ray Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Adamawa State University Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 6(1). 32 – 45Published by faculty of Science, Adamawa State University.  

Raji, W. O, T.O. Adeoye (2017): Geophysical mapping of contaminant leachate around a reclaimed open dumpsite. Journal of King Saud University. Vol 29(3), 348-359, Published by Elsevier.

Raji, W. O., G. Yongxin, and J.M. Harris (2017): Wavefield Analysis of Crosswell Seismic Data. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, vol 10:217, 1-9.  DOI: 10.1007/s12517-017-2964-6, 1-9. Published by Springer and Saudi Society for Geosciences. Available online

Aluko, K. O., Raji, W. O., and Ayolabi, E. A. (2017) Application of 2-D resistivity survey to groundwater aquifer delineation in a sedimentary terrain: A case study of south-western Nigeria. Water Utility journal, Vol. 17: 71-79. Published by European water Resources Association. Available online at

Raji, W. O. (2016): Reflections Enhancement Processing For Multi-Component Crosswell Seismic Data. Journal of Mining and Geoscience, 52(2), 119-127.

Raji, W. O. (2017): Elastic Velocity Models of a Stratigraphically Complex Carbonate Reservoir, Midland Basin. Nigerian Journal of Mining and Geosciences. Vol. 53(1), 1 – 9.

Raji, W. O. and Ibrahim, K. O. (2017) Geophysical Investigation of Basement Rock Structures around a proposed Dam Site, Adamawa State University Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 5(2), 38 - 49. Published by Adamawa state University.

Raji, W. O. (2016): Reflection Enhancement Processing of Ultra-Shallow Reflection Surveys, Ilorin Journal of Science, Vol. 3(1), 11 - 16 file:///C:/Users/wasiu/Downloads/RAJI-ILJS-15-067(11-26).pdf

Raji, W. O. and Rietbrock, A. (2013): Attenuation (1/Q) estimation in Reflection Seismic Data, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering Vol. 10(4) 1-8 (045012), Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, UK. available online at

Raji, W. O. and T. O. Adeoye (2014): Petrophysical Sensitivity of Elastic Modulus and Inverse Quality Factor (1/Q) Analysis in Well Logs, Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 15(1) 404-414. Published by Akamai University, Hawaii, U.S.A. available online at

Jibrin B and Raji, W. O. (2014): Fault Detection using Dip streered multi-trace similarity extraction techniques: Case study using Offshore Niger Delta 3D Seismic Data. Journal Of Seismic Exploration, Vol. 23, 19-30, Published by Spain Geophysical Press and Spain Association of Geophysicists. available online at   

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