Rafael Bacha


Research Area

Evaluate role of LIPs in Zambian Copperbelt Province and North West Province 

The rocks representing the magmatic events that occurred in the Katangan basin are under-sampled and poorly constrained; therefore, in order to understand the magmatic history of the basin, this research is focused on the aspects of timing, major and trace element geochemistry, isotopic composition and evaluation to what extent the magmatism affected the copper and cobalt endowment. Our research will define the spatial extent and refine the age interval of the known or new magmatic events recorded in the Central African Copperbelt and determine if they can represent a Large Igneous Province, and seek newly to document magmatic events and the role of Large Igneous Provinces in sediment-hosted copper systems.

The analytical work is aimed at aspects of the magmatism, for instance the emplacement time range, sulphide saturation, thermal contribution to the basin, geochemistry and volume of immediately pre- to syn magmatism in the Katangan basin.

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