Maxim Ralchenko awarded a travel grant to attend international geophysics conference

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Maxim presenting at the SEG meeting

Maxim presenting at the SEG meeting

Maxim Ralchenko was awarded a travel grant from the international Society of Exploration Geophysicists to attend the society’s annual meeting in Dallas, Texas, from 16-19 October 2016. Maxim’s conference presentation, entitled “Coupling of very low frequency electromagnetic signals to long man-made conductors”, featured recent results from his doctoral research done under the supervision of Dr. Claire Samson, in partnership with Vital Alert Communication. Dr. Samson’s research group was well represented at the conference with the following poster and 4 additional presentations (names of past and current students in italics):

Upiter, L., Balch, S.J., and Samson, C. Helicopter-borne magnetic gradiometry for mineral exploration: Effects of system movement in flight (poster).

Balch, S.J., Samson, C., and Lara Sanchez, J. Correcting for HTEM altitude variations by transmitter mutual inductance normalization (presentation).

Cunningham, M., Samson, C., Wood, A., Cook, I., and Doyle, B. An experimental aeromagnetic survey with a rotary-wing unmanned aircraft system (presentation).

Hay, A., and Samson, C. Unmanned ground vehicles for magnetic geophysical surveying (presentation).

Tuck, L., Samson, C., Laliberté, J., Wells, M., Bélanger, F., and Sander, L. Designing and instrumenting a small electrical fixed-wing UAV for magnetic surveys (presentation).