Dr. Ernst to Give Short Course for NASA Astrobiology Institute

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dr. Richard Ernst traveling for business Scientist in Residence Dr. Richard Ernst will be at the University of California at Riverside on November 1, 2016 to give a one-day workshop on “Large Igneous Provinces”. He was invited by Profs. Tim Lyons and Andrey Bekker to present to their research group, which works on the biogeochemistry of the terrestrial ocean-atmosphere system through time, and the relationship with the origin/evolution of life. Their NASA Astrobiology Institute uses the growing understanding of the terrestrial ocean-atmosphere system in order to develop a framework for assessing the potential for life on extrasolar planets, based on their remotely-sensed atmospheric compositions.

Dr. Ernst’s workshop will also be broadcast via web to the NASA Astrobiology community (including team members at Yale and Georgia Tech). Also invited to attend online are members of the NSF FESD (Frontiers in Earth System Dynamics) team, which focuses on deep Earth connections to the biosphere.

This will be an opportunity for Dr. Ernst to deepen collaborations with the climate change /astrobiology community toward evaluating the role of Large Igneous Provinces in dramatic environmental change events through time.