Cole Kingsbury Publishes, Prepares to Defend Ph.D. Thesis

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cole KingsburyIn June 2015, Ph.D. student Cole Kingsbury presented at the 7th International Conference on Arctic Margins  in Trondheim, Norway. This quadrennial conference typically attracts about 100 people, usually residing in northern countries and who study some aspect of arctic geoscience. Cole was the only Carleton representative. He presented a poster, entitled "High Arctic LIP in Canada: Nd isotopic evidence for the role of crustal assimilation". The conference venue was a hotel in the downtown core of this small, picturesque city of approximately 200,000. This was Cole's first trip outside of North America. 

Following the conference, participants were invited to submit a manuscript to the Norwegian Journal of Geology for publication in a special issue. Cole elected to submit the chapter on geochemistry of his forthcoming Ph.D. thesis. The article, entitled "The High Arctic LIP in Canada: Trace element and Sm-Nd isotopic evidence for the role of mantle heterogeneity crustal assimilation" has not yet gone to print, but is now available on their website 

Cole learned a lot about the publication process, including how to respond to reviewer comments. He credits this experience to helping him keep on track in his program, because of journal-imposed deadlines. This was, quite possibly, the most complicated part of his graduate studies so far. 

Cole is planning to defend in September, which will be 3 years and 11 months after his date of arrival. The current title of his thesis is "Hot rocks from cold places: A field, geochemical and geochronological study of the High Arctic Large Igneous Province (HALIP) at Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut".  He is working toward his upcoming submission deadline with supervisors Dr. Richard Ernst and Dr. Brian Cousens

Cole's poster set up at the conference
Cole's poster set up at the 7th International Conference on Arctic Margins