Logos of recent and current research partners:

I interact with a large and vibrant network of industrial partners and collaborators. My key expertise and current research projects are: 

  • 3D Imaging 
    • Terrestrial and mobile laser scanning 
    • Monitoring tunnel and ground deformation
  • Unmanned aircraft systems
    • Designing and building  
    • Surveying
      • Magnetics 
      • Imaging 
      • Radiometrics
  • Gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic methods
    • Using EM data to correct for bedrock topography
    • Radio communication through rock
  • Meteoritics and planetary geology
    • Measuring the physical properties of meteorites non-destructively
    • Analogue planetary exploration missions
    • Mapping the surface of Venus using radar images
  • Environmental geophysics
    • Monitoring subsurface CO2 storage
  • Seismology
    • Seismic methods in permafrost-rich environments