Sarah Davey Presents her Research on Parliament Hill

Friday, May 20, 2016

From left to right: industry collaborator Christine Vaillancourt, Ph.D. student Sarah Davey and Scientist-in-Residence Dr. Richard Ernst

From left to right: Christine Vaillancourt (Northern Shield Resources),
Ph.D. student Sarah Davey and her Supervisor, Dr. Richard Ernst.
Christine was their Industry Partner guest.  


On Wednesday, Ph.D. student Sarah Davey presented her research on Parliament Hill. She was participating in a showcase put on by Research Matters, "a collaborative project among Ontario‚Äôs 21 publicly assisted universities to build new bridges between university researchers and the broader public". 

The event was quite busy, with MPs going in and out as their schedule allowed. Sarah and her Supervisor, Scientist-in-Residence Dr. Richard Ernst, had the opportunity to speak with several of them. The event organizers encouraged the research groups to also bring an Industry Partner as a guest. Christine Vaillancourt (Northern Shield Resources), pictured above, fulfilled this role for our unit. 

Sarah studies Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) in Canada and Finland and is interested in their application in continental reconstruction and their contribution to the formation of economic Ni-Cu-PGE deposits.  


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