Space Exploration Rover With Magnetometer Tested at Carleton

Friday, May 22, 2015

Testing the KAPVIK Mars Rover (photo courtesy of Dave Melanson)

Testing the KAPVIK Mars Rover (photo courtesy of Dave Melanson)

On Thursday, May 21st the general public was lucky enough to witness an outdoor test of the KAPVIK Mars Rover instrumented with a magnetometer from GEM Systems. Professor Claire Samson and her research assistant, Andrew Hay, drove the newly configured rover beside Library Road. 

This Space Exploration Rover was actually designed here at the University by Professor Alex Ellery and his group. Its new intended purpose is to do robotic, geophysical mapping. The objective is for it to explore its environment and collect data on geology. In this first test, the rover detected the tunnel between the Minto Building and the residences. 

President Runte was in attendance to consider the boom and magnetometer that were recently added to the basic rover. The Ottawa Sun was also there to capture the event. 


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