Students receive awards from the KEGS Foundation

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From left to right: Eric Meunier, Maxim Ralchenko, Jennifer Blanchard and Michael Cunningham

The Department of Earth Sciences is proud to have four M.Sc. students, all from
Professor Claire Samson’s group, receive scholarships and awards for 2014-15 from the Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (KEGS) Foundation

They are:

  •  Jennifer Blanchard, co-supervised by Dr. Richard Ernst, who was awarded the WAMIC Geophysics Scholarship for her work on the geophysical signature of layered mafic intrusions
  • Michael Cunningham, who was awarded the CGG Airborne Geophysics Scholarship for his work on airborne surveying using a UAV in collaboration with Stratus Aeronautics 
  • Eric Meunier, who received a book award for his work on the development of a new ground EM survey system in collaboration with Devbrio Geophysique, and 
  • Maxim Ralchenko, who was awarded the KEGS Pioneers Scholarship for his work on on radio communication through the Earth in collaboration with VitalAlert