Admission Requirements

The requirement for admission to the Ph.D. Program is an M.Sc. degree in Earth Sciences or a related discipline.

Program Requirements

  • A research thesis (9.0 credits), defended at an oral examination before an examination board that includes an external examiner
  • A public lecture, preceding the oral examination, which is based on the thesis research
  • A minimum of 1.0 credit of course work at the graduate level. Additional courses may be prescribed by the thesis advisory committee
  • A comprehensive examination conducted by the thesis advisory committee. The comprehensive examination includes the presentation of a thesis proposal and involves three areas of geoscience specialization chosen by the student's advisory committee and approved by the Director of the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre
  • Participation in the Geoscience Seminar Series (0.0 credit). Participation comprises one lecture (open to all Members of the OCGC) describing an aspect of the candidate's research study and must be completed within 12 months of their registration in the Ph.D. program.

Residence Requirement

The residence requirement for the Ph.D. degree is at least four terms of full-time study.

Ph.D Programs

Applying to Graduate Studies - How do you start?

Start by deciding what areas of research interest you and find out who is working in that area. Refer to the Research page to find out what professors are working on.

Application Process

Apply Online

Applications for admission may be submitted at any time. Applications for admission from outside Canada should be completed at least five months before the desired date of admission in order for students to make the necessary visa arrangements.