OCUSEG Guest Speaker - The Diamond Fields of Canada


Dr. Bruce Kjarsgaard,  
Geological Survey of Canada 

Wednesday, February 8th
6 p.m.

James Street Pub, 
390 Bank Street 



A newcomer (since 1998) as a supplier of gem quality rough diamonds to the world market, Canada is the 4th largest producer globally by value. A history of diamond exploration in Canada over the past 100+ years is provided, with emphasis on the past 30 years of exploration successes. The most important mines and advanced exploration projects in Canada will be described in greater detail. Allied scientific advances, which have arisen in understanding the Earth’s mantle through the study of kimberlite-hosted xenoliths, diamond formation, kimberlite magma generation, and near surface volcanic emplacement processes are emphasized.



Dr. Bruce Kjarsgaard is a research scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada. His research has mainly been focused on the geochemistry, mineralogy and mineral chemistry solutions to a variety of geoscience projects.