OCGC Seminar - An update on the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility (CSSF) and the Remotely Operated Vehicle for Ocean Sciences (ROPOS)


Douglas Bancroft,
Manager of CSSF and
Visiting Scientist at School of Earth and Ocean Sciences,
University of Victoria  

Thursday, January 12th 

233 Advanced Research Complex 
25 Templeton Street
University of Ottawa  



The Remotely Operated Vehicle for Ocean Sciences (ROPOS) is a science work class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) capable of operating at depths of up to 5000 metres, and supporting multi-disciplinary science missions. ROPOS is operated by the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility (CSSF), located in Sidney BC. The CSSF is a not for profit corporation; created for, and operated by Canadian ocean science researchers.

In January 2017, Doug will visit Ottawa and Halifax to meet with the broadest number of academics and government ocean scientists. The goals are twofold: to provide as much information possible about ROPOS in an interactive environment, and for CSSF to learn more about the ocean science questions and related issues being pursued by these various communities of scientists.

The seminar presentation will include a short history of CFFS and ROPOS, a review of ROPOS, as well as the ArcticNet AMUNDSEN Super Mohawk capabilities, and highlights from recent significant accomplishments. It will also cover key aspects of logistics, deployment costs, and funding opportunities.

Doug will make himself available to researchers after the seminar, for those who wish to exchange information, but were unable to attend due to calendar conflicts.