AAPG Student Chapter Seminar - Reading the Record of Fluvial-Tidal Interaction, and Its Implications for Predicting Reservoir Characteristics


Dr. Robert Dalrymple
Queen's University

Thursday, December 1st 
5:30 p.m.  
2120 HP



This talk will begin with a conceptual discussion of the fluvial-tidal transition zone with the aid of outcrop and core examples. Followed by a detailed description of an outcrop succession that has been used as an analog for some hydrocarbon fields, and how previous workers got the environmental interpretation wrong because they failed to look at the details of the deposits.



Dr. Dalrymple recently retired from Queen’s University and has decades of research experience, primarily focusing on environments where tidal processes are an import agent of sediment deposition, looking at how tides, rivers and waves interact to form these deposits. He was also co-editor, with Noel P. James, for the most recent edition of Facies Models, a very well regarded book in the sedimentary geology community.