My research foci are:

  • Toward completing the Plate Tectonic Revolution: Reconstructing Precambrian Supercontinents.
  • Industry Consortium Project:  â€œReconstruction of Supercontinents Back To 2.7 Ga Using The Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record: With Implications For Mineral Deposit Targeting, Hydrocarbon Resource Exploration, and Earth System Evolution”. Six sponsoring companies, 10 key team members and 40+ regional collaborators from around the world
  • NSERC-CRD: “A New Tool for Canada's Exploration Industry: Using the Large Igneous Province Record to Reconstruct Supercontinents Back to 2.7 Ga” PI: R. Ernst, Co-Applicants: Brian Cousens (Carleton U.), M. Hamilton (U. Toronto) and P. Sylvester (Memorial U.)
  • Lessons from Venus and Mars for magmatic processes on Earth
    • Mapping tectono-magmatic features on radar images of Venus
    • Global dyke swarm map of Venus
    • Developing and applying Large Igneous Province (LIP) concepts to the Proterozoic and Archean
      • New dyke swarm map of Canada (north of 60o) under GSC GEM program (TriT Project)
      • National dyke swarm map of Russia
      • Global LIP map for Earth (for the CGMW: Commission for the Geological Map of the World)
      • Co-leading the LIPs Commission of IAVCEI and maintaining the Commission website (
  • Global compilations of Large Igneous Province and their plumbing system of dolerite dyke swarms
  • LIPs and ore deposits
  • LIPs and oil and gas
  • Collaborative research with Consortium Project Sponsors
  • Evaluating mantle plume and non-plume models for magma generation