ERTH 2406: Geology and Map Interpretation:  Analysis and interpretation of geological features and processes using rocks, maps and cross sections. Introduction to computational methods.  Prerequisites: ERTH 2102 and GEOM 2007 or permission of the Department.

ERTH 2802: Field School:  Field analysis using geological, geophysical and computational methods leading to the interpretation of the origins of geological features and processes.  Prerequisite: ERTH 2406 and permission of the Department.  Field work for two weeks off campus. A supplementary fee may apply.  

ERTH 3806: Structural Geology: Structures and deformational processes in a variety of crustal settings. Applications to geological engineering and mineral and petroleum exploration. Prerequisites: ERTH 2105 and ERTH 2406 or permission of the Department. 

ERTH 4403: Tectonic Evolution of Canada: Geologic evolution of Canada focusing on geological styles and tectonic processes of Archean cratons, and Proterozoic and Phanerozoic orogenic belts. Prerequisite: ERTH 3806 or permission of the Department.